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Cleansing is a super power in disguise only if we know the benefits of just cleansing our face regularly, we won’t skip it a single day. A proper cleansing routine followed by a skincare routine can strengthen skin and make its appearance youthful. Kbeauty cleansing regime offers a deep cleansing strategy using unusual but highly effective ingredients that we never knew existed. Use Kbeauty strategy in your cleansing routine and cleanse regularly for long term benefits!

Clear The Pores, Let Your Skin Breathe

Clogged pores develop serious skin problems, a healthy cleansing routine and moderate messaging can prevent major skin concerns.

Step 1:

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover

Just got home and feel all dull and tired? Skin shows horrible signs of stress? It is indeed time to relax and to go for a cleansing session at home! Step one of a cleansing routine requires makeup removal, use a product that takes makeup off effortlessly from eyes and lips because these two areas age faster. You also need to use a product that effortlessly takes all the makeup off from eyes.

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Step 2:


So it is not just makeup on your skin but also pollution and everything that you don’t want, everywhere you have been the whole day, you are carrying it all on your face. An oil cleanser helps in breaking down stubborn heavy makeup from the rest of the face which if left behind can result in breakouts. Massage the cleansing oil onto face in circles and wipe it off.

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Step 3:

Foam Cleanser

The double cleansing method focuses on cleaning the face and taking of makeup separately, so you have to make sure that first your makeup is gone completely and then the oil cleanser too is removed later on, to ensure that, using a foam cleanser is your best option, it gently washes off any residue left from makeup and cleansing oil leaving skin squeaky clean.

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Step 4:

Peeling & Scrub

Now that all the makeup is gone, your skin is clear and your pores are breathing, in this step we peel the dead skin off. Depending on how soon you develop dead skin layer you can go for peeling or scrubbing from 1 to 3 times in a week. Peeling and scrubbing does wonders to skin, it removes the dead skin and reveals beautiful glowing skin, it also unclogs pores and helps in minimizing their visibility, it leaves skin healthy and shiny.

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