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Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation


Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Anxious to purge hyperpigmentation for flawless skin? has the solution!


What are dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

The overproduction of melanin on specific areas of the skin makes it appear darker than the normal tone which is called dark spots or hyperpigmentation. Dark spots are harmless but make the person unimpressive with the uneven skin complexion. It is something informative to know that dark spots appear more on the dark skin tone. Hyperpigmentation takes place of the healthy area after inflammation is cured as the skin sends more melanin to the area and the spots emerge darker as compared to the skin tone of the individual. Dark spots are also known as sunspots because the sun is the main culprit when there is nothing else to disturb the skin.


Why dark spots and hyperpigmentation appear?

There are many reasons which disturb the melanin production and sensitive areas are affected due to which the color changes and results in uneven skin tone. They mess with the impressive appearance when an individual doesn’t care going out under the sun without any precautions as the sun doesn’t spare a single person from its disastrous effects. Sunspots appear mostly on the face because it is not covered with the clothes and the sun rays penetrate to disturb the melanin production. Hormonal changes are another reason which causes discoloration and medicine intake for specific reasons such as for treating the inflammation becomes the basis of spots. The area around pimples is mostly inflamed, so they leave it with hyperpigmentation. Skin concerns like eczema also shove off leaving its mark behind so does an insect bite. The irritation experienced with cosmetics is the cause of patches over the skin.


How to prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

Prevention is better than cure, it’s a famous saying and it fits perfectly when it’s the matter of skin protection. Taking proper care of the outer most layer of the body is requisite for the attractive alluring appearance for which sunscreen works well. One should never forget to wear sunscreen prior to stepping out, you can choose from the collection of sunscreens at Moisturizing the skin also keeps the melanin production undisturbed, a moisturizer with the feature of lock in the skin is best to keep it hydrated for long. Treatment of skin concerns like acne before it gets worse assist in preventing hyperpigmentation. Avoid harsh exfoliation to avoid hyperpigmentation as the skin is sensitive and demands soft treatment.


How Aodour can assist?

No matter what is the cause of dark spots or hyperpigmentation on your skin, Aodour can assist you to get the right treatment with dark spot cream and you can also consult our dermatologist free of cost through the online store. So, discuss your skin concern with the expert skin specialist and treat it with prestige-quality skincare products to reveal your inner beauty!


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