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Derma Care


Derma Care

Longing to get youthful lustrous skin back? Don’t worry, can assist you!

What is Derma care?

Skin also called as “Derma” is the outer covering of the body which acts as a barrier between the environmental aggressors and internal organs to keep them safe from the adverse effects. There are three layers of skin and some of the external environment factors penetrate and damages all of them turning it wearisome and dull. Focusing on the skincare routine and cosmetics is a requisite for enjoying vigorous skin.


How to care for skin?

Most people believe that skin just requires cleaning and they fail to keep it healthy and bright because it is affected by various factors including diet, sun exposure, sleeping routine and stress. See how you can take proper care of your skin:


  • Unprotected sun exposure dehydrates the skin and penetrates to damage the internal layers. It interferes with the melanin production and becomes the reason for patches making the tone uneven. Get a sunscreen from and don’t forget to apply it before heading outside.
  • Ignoring cleansing and washing face after waking up is worst, most people wake up with excessive oil on the face and dirt in the air sticks to it. The combination of oil and grime lands a person in trouble as blackheads and whiteheads appear. Making the routine of washing the face daily with face wash suiting the skin type, gentle cleansing or exfoliation once a week works magic in keeping the skin vibrant and lively.
  • Not consuming enough water doesn’t only dehydrate the body but skin also, so keep a check on the daily water intake. Provide the moisture and hydration to the skin with the lotion, body butter, serums specifically manufactured to lock in moisture and a variety of derma care products are listed here.
  • Diet affects the skin directly, those who like to consume junk food suffers from acne as it contains too much oil and lack nutrients. Pimples don’t pop up just because of the dirt in the air, they are also linked to the food a person eats. They leave blemishes and dark spots making the skin imperfect and full of flaws. Avoid foods full of spices and go for eatables rich in Vitamin C, it adds radiance to the skin.
  • Stress disturbs the normal production of hormones; anxiety is the cause of hormonal imbalance. Stress is shown on the face in the form of acne, so if you can’t control stress then control acne with the skincare products available on our online store.

Why for Derma Care?

Our professional dermatologist can assist you to deal with skin ailment determining your skin type and recommending the skincare product. Visit and book an appointment, discuss your skin issue and add the right product to the cart for an impeccable spotless look!


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