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Oily Skin & Pores


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Oily skin and pores

Feeling disturbed due to greasy skin? Don’t worry, Aodour has the solution!


What is oily skin and pores?

The diminutive holes on the skin which are not noticeable and secret the sebum through the natural mechanism to keep the skin vigorous and lustrous are pores and if an inordinate amount of sebum is released, it makes the skin oily. Individuals possessing oily skin have to face multiple issues as their skin is prone to acne and it is hard to get the flawless look with makeup because the oil interferes with it composing a messy look. Immoderate sebum over the face is the reason for the greasy look and it also makes the skin look thick, it blocks the way our skin breathes through the pores making it mandatory top purge them of impurities.


Why the skin is oily and pores enlarged?

Either the sebaceous glands are overactive or they are large, an excessive amount of oil is secreted over the skin. The environment around the person and the weather also affects the production of sebum, the natural oil production of the skin surges in the summer season making it tough for the women to handle their makeup looks. The oil combines with the sweat in the extremely hot weather and it enlarges the pores also blocks them. The skin gets stressed when the person is in tension, so the changes in the hormones surge oil production. Elasticity around the pores is decreased when there is too much oil and it enlarges the pores. Over-cleansing the skin can irritate it and the use of wrong scrubbing products shoot up the production of oil which requires to be avoided to maintain a healthy look and prevent the enlarged pores.


How to control excessive oil?

Washing the face is the priority but with the right product containing no harsh chemicals and fragrances, formulated with the hand-picked organic constituents which are listed at Frequently washing the face can land a person into trouble with too much oil produced, so washing the face once in the morning and evening is enough. Keep in mind to get an oil-free moisturizer to provide the skin with the demanded hydration and moisture. Clay masks come with the minerals that assist in absorbing the grease and controlling it. Oil gets filled in the pores and attracts dirt enlarging it which is the reason behind the blackheads and whiteheads. So, it is essential to clear out the skin for which cleansing masks and toners works well; they also help control oil production.


How Aodour can assist? is here with the expert dermatologist offering free consultation, the appointment is booked and the individual is provided a chance to discuss the skin concerns with the professional. High-quality oily skin treatment and pores treatment products are also offered through the online store making it convenient for everyone to get the product for solving the skin issue while sitting at home. So, order now and get the flawless grease-free skin!


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