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Skin Repair


The Ordinary

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

Removes Keratin, Skin Brightening

The Ordinary

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Skin Repair, Hydrating, Anti-aging, Improves Skin Tone

Mario Badescu
First Aid Beauty

Skin repair

Environment has wreaked havoc on your skin? Restore vibrancy with!


What is skin repair?

Go stand in front of the mirror and if you find lively glowing face then you are fortunate unlike many of us who are unfortunate and struggling to restore the luminosity in the skin. In this modern era, everyone is too busy with the strict daily routine that no one gets time to focus on the skin which is a predominant part of our body that adds to the personality. Spots, pimples and fine lines on the skin shows it is damaged and requires to be repaired. The skin of a young individual has more ability of healing as compared to the elderly as the ability reduces with time. The damage on the older skin is prominent and it takes more time in repairing, the damage is irreversible in some cases. To enjoy youthful vigorous skin even in old age, following a proper skincare routine is mandatory. So, focus on skincare before it’s too late!


How to prevent and repair skin?

  • Protection from sun: Sun is the worst enemy of skin because it doesn’t just harm the outer layer of skin but also the two laying beneath. It turns the skin pigmented, spotted and patchy. Wearing sunscreen is the only way your skin can fight against the noxious sun rays. You don’t have to go out under the sun without wearing sunscreen, just click to order from while sitting at home.
  • Gentle skin treatment: It’s a misconception that exfoliating the skin frequently with hard hands purge dead skin and the inner lively skin is revealed. The skin damages when treated harshly and no doubt exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin. But gentle exfoliation once in a week is enough. Add a skin exfoliating and peeling product in your skincare routine to avoid skin ailments.
  • Focus on healthy diet: Everyone knows the fact that junk food is harmful, but not every person knows that it is the reason behind severe skin problems such as acne. Acne never goes without leaving its marks which are stubborn. The weakened immune system also plays a negative role when it comes to skin repairing. So, focusing on a healthy diet is of paramount importance.
  • Supply Vitamin C: Vitamin C is magical when it’s the matter of skin repair, it addresses various skin issues including uneven complexion and scars. Get a Vitamin C serum and add it to the night skincare routine, you can order the serum from The serum bestows benefit even when it is applied in the day time under the sunscreen.


Why shop from

Our skin specialist can guide you to get the right skin care products after discussing the skin issue in a free skin consultation session. So, shop the skin damage repair cream from and strengthen the outer protective layer to fortify against environmental factors and bacteria!


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