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Sun Protection



Sun protection

Looking to keep skin youthful and flawless? Minimize sun exposure with!

What is sun protection?

Sun rays feel great especially in the winter as they provide warmth, but do you know they are not skin’s friend? Most people are not aware of the fact that exposure to the sun is too harmful that it wreaks havoc on the skin and causes cancer, so sun protection is imperative for a healthy lustrous appearance. Each part of the body exposed to the disastrous UV rays requires to be protected for avoiding the damage which it does to melanin and collagen. Creating a barrier between the skin and sun rays is sun protection, it’s something essential for the glowing youthful skin.


Why sun protection is essential?

Do you want wrinkles, freckles, sunburn or skin cancer? It’s obvious, you don’t want to suffer from any of them and that’s why sun protection is mandatory. Sun rays are the worst enemy of skin, they cause fine lines by damaging collagen and dehydrates it which causes dryness. Sun rays are responsible for premature aging as the youth nowadays don’t take proper care of their skin, so it develops wrinkles early and shows it is mistreated.


How to protect your skin?

When it comes to skin protection from the sun, it is imperative to know that the protection level requires to be different according to the complexion. Melanin content in the skin differs depending on the skin tone. White complexion has the highest risk of damage from sun rays because of less amount of melanin while dark tone contains more melanin, so the risk of damage is less. Wearing sunscreen and other sun protection products is recommended to stop the rays from touching and penetrating the skin. You can choose from SPF 15, 30 or 50 at depending on the coverage your skin demands and it requires to be reapplied every 2 hours. There are medications that make the skin even more sensitive to the skin, so a person should keep it in mind when heading outside and should follow the precautions to enjoy shiny energetic skin even in old age. Avoid spending time on tanning beds and cover as many body parts with clothes as you can.


Why shop from Aodour?

Our skin expert can tell you exactly which sunscreen is a perfect fit for your skin type and tone, so you can book an appointment to get the best from An extensive range of sun protection creams, sunscreen and skincare products are available, add to your cart and get it at your doorstep to avoid sun exposure without wearing sun protection!


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