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Brightening & Whitening


Some By MI
Some By MI
The Ordinary

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Removes Keratin, Anti-Acne

The Ordinary

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

Skin Brightening, Anti- aging

The Ordinary

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2%

Removes Keratin, Skin Brightening


Brightening and whitening

Tired of wearisome or dark skin? Don’t fret, Aodour has the solution for both!


Difference between brightening and whitening:

Regardless of race or age, every girl desires lustrous fair complexion with no spot on the skin. It’s a belief that individuals with lighter skin and fair complexion are more noticeable. Most of the people confuse skin brightening with skin whitening, so it is crucial to know the difference between them to decide which one is the skin’s demand. Restoring the luminosity into the skin is skin brightening and lighten the skin tone a person born with is skin whitening. The skin gets dull when it is covered with the dead skin and it loses the radiance, so skin brightening is clearing it away. The uppermost layer of the skin is exfoliated and the inner layer is revealed which is lively. Brightening boosts the speed of flaking of dead skin and restoring the radiant look takes less time. The amount of melanin is reduced in the skin for skin whitening as melanin is responsible for giving color to it.


How to procure brightening and whitening?

The skin turns dull due to multiple factors such as exposure to the sun because the rays are harmful and it disturbs the melanin production. Most individuals don’t bother to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized, so it turns dull as it dries. So, treating it with the moisturizers which keep it hydrated for many hours is perfect to avoid dehydration. Wearing sunscreen prior to stepping out is recommended, it will not allow the UV rays to touch or penetrate the skin. A variety of sunscreens and moisturizers are available at to avoid dullness or to purge it. Hormonal changes in the body and age are also a reason for tedious skin as the cell renewal process slows down and skin gets covered with the dead cells. Facial masks and cleansers work well in regaining the glow. Exfoliate the skin once a week and add face mask in the skincare routine. For skin whitening, get the harmless whitening product from to get effective results in less time.


Aodour can assist you:

Get personalized recommendations from our skin specialist, book an appointment now if you are confused about picking the product depending on your skin type. offers plenty of skin whitening creams and products that are produced with organic constituents and have no side effects. Add skincare products to your cart, order and get it at your doorstep for glowing alluring look!


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