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Apr 15, 2019

Hello my lovelies~  (^-^)

 A short note before reading this post, this post will be divided into 3 parts, if you want to skip over the details then u could just go to part 4 directly as it contains a briefing of all three parts. However, I urge you to read all 3 parts as they will tell u the how tos and the why’s. 

 As we all know exfoliating can remove dead skin cells from the skin causing only the new skin cells to be left growing without any restrictions, resulting in a fresher, younger and smoother looking skin. However, one wrong step and you might actually be damaging those new skin cells instead of revitalizing them.
With all this hype of Korean skin care routine, glassy skin routine, double cleansing, etc. etc. we tend to get blinded by the result and go right in for the products without doing any research on them, thus damaging our skin in the process. Well not to worry anymore as I am here to the rescue for you. To be honest, I was the same however after deep research, and several trials and errors I was able to find out some of the factors which were doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do. So without any further ado lets dig into those exfoliating mistakes that might be damaging your skin without you even knowing:


    The most common mistakes done by people when exfoliating is to not know how many times and how often should the skin be exfoliated. It is never a good idea to exfoliate on daily basis even if it’s written on the product’s directions.
    Of course under exfoliation is not good for the skin as it means that you are not removing those dead cells on time which in return makes your complexion looks duller, as your new skin cells get muddled with the old ones not getting a chance to resurface. Under exfoliation is also hard to notice and you might not be able to find out without the help of a dermatologist.
    However over exfoliating is just as bad(or according to me even more worst then under exfoliation) and can cause your skin to be irritated, pigmented, damaged, scarred, dry and could even make your acne worse. You think you might have


    1. Start by exfoliating only once a week.
    2. After a month or so adjust this once a week exfoliation to twice or thrice a week depending upon your skin’s need.
    3. Beware don’t go over thrice a week, I have never seen someone requiring exfoliation more than thrice a week which is already the extreme case.


I exfoliate once a week mostly, however sometimes when I feel that my skin is duller and flaky than normal than I go for twice a week and that’s it.


    1. Gently scrub your skin in upward circular motion, don’t rub too hard
    2. Use lukewarm water, not too cold nor too hot. As too hot water could cause your skin to be drier and irritated whereas too cold water might not wash away the exfoliant completely.




Is your exfoliator not giving you the promised result even after using it correctly? I have seen many people who even though can’t be considered beginners to exfoliating just pick up an exfoliating product that piques their interest or maybe after watching some viral skincare video and thinks that maybe this will suit me and if it doesn’t then it’s time to change the product without even knowing that maybe they aren’t suited to the type of exfoliator they just picked up, yes, not the product itself but the type of exfoliator that product is.  

Exfoliators are mainly divided into 2 types of categories in the market namely “physical exfoliator” and “chemical exfoliator”. Any exfoliator with texture on it falls into the physical exfoliator’s category, exfoliators with textures may include, sonic brushes, granules exfoliators with micro-sized beads and grains, loofas or anything that physically wipes away any excess dead skin cells fall into this category. Chemical exfoliants include products with AHA, BHA, glycolic acid, chemical peels, etc., which exfoliates the skin by stimulating the separation of skin cells. Each of this category is more suited to particular skin type and situation of the skin.


    1. If you have oily skin then you should look for physical exfoliators, however, for dry skin I won’t recommend using a physical exfoliator as they may be a bit too harsh for your skin.
    2. Chemical exfoliators can be used for all 3 oily, combo and dry skin. Don’t freak out by the name “chemical” they can do wonders.
    3.  If you are a dry skin user than be careful if your exfoliator has BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) in it as it may be a bit too harsh on dry skin but is good for acne-prone and oily skin, instead of using BHAs u could switch it with exfoliator containing AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) from time to time.


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