One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!

How to Pack when Travelling

Mahreen Butt
Apr 07, 2019

Whenever I travel, I always have such a hard time deciding what makeup goes with me. I always want to take it all! I have so much, my entire makeup station should be portable; but it is not and I am limited to a little makeup bag. The dilemma. So what to take? What is important, and what should I limit myself to? One amazing thing about limiting myself is I can always shop a little for makeup on my trip, a HUGE plus point. Haha. So let's get right to it!

The bag packed up with all the items:

So what's inside my travel makeup bag?


  1. Powder brush:
    Used for powder from your compact to set your base makeup, or to apply your blush. You can find this in a smaller size for easy carry while travelling.

  2. Slanted bronzer/highlighter brush:
    Used for applying your highlighter and bronzer. I would use a tissue to wipe away the excess powder to reuse the brush for both highlight and bronzing. Or if you have space, take two; one for highlight and one for bronze. You can also apply highlight with your fingertips and bronze with the brush. Or even bronze with the blender, and highlight with the brush!

  3. Fluffy eyeshadow brush:
    Very important brush for eyeshadow application, if you had to take one brush for eyeshadow, at least take your fluffy eyeshadow brush.

  4. Angled eyeshadow brush:
    This is great to add precision deeper color for night looks to your eyelids, as well as can be used to add highlight to your brow bone, or to your nose.

  5. Flat eyeshadow brush:
    If you could only take two eyeshadow brushes this would be the second one to take, as the flat brush is great you add color to your lid, and then you would use your fluffy brush to blend it out.

  6. Smudging Eyeshadow brush:
    This would be the third eyeshadow brush to take if you can take 3, this is perfect for blending in crease shadow for the perfect look!

  7. Flat defining eyeshadow brush:
    This is a luxury, but great to have for adding shadow to your lower lash, or defining your lid if needed, or even using it with a highlighter to define areas such as under your brow bone, or down your nose.

  8. Lip brush:
    Also a luxury, but great to have. Allows for a very neat application of lip color while in a car, on a plane, in a bus or on a train. Really helpful while traveling for lip application, and later on touch-ups. This one is the Mistine Beauty Lip Brush.

  9. Tweezers:
    Always handy to have for the stray hair, or to pop on false lashes.

  10. Kohl eyeliner:
    Good for quick tightening the eyelids, or lining the waterline; this is the one Maybelline “Colossal Kohl” Liner.

  11. Dark night time lip color:
    This one is City Color Liquid Matte Lipcolour in “Cabernet”.

  12. Light daytime lip color:
    This one is my favorite color; Milani in 12 “Loved”. (I talk about it in my article 50 shades of Nude.)

  13. Nude lip color for any time of the day use:
    My favorite is Kate Moss’s Rimmel Nude line in Number “48”

  14. Mascara:
    Anyone of your favorites will do, just make sure you get one that isn’t already almost empty or you will be mascara shopping during the trip too (which isn’t too bad, who doesn’t love makeup shopping at any time?)

  15. Primer:
    I prefer a spray such as E.L.F Illuminating Primer Mist, easy to apply while travelling!

  16. Make-up remover:
    Travel size makeup remover, always remember to remove your makeup before you sleep no matter how tired you are from your travel day; your skin will be very grateful. While you’re at it pop on a sheet mask!

  17. Blotterazzi:
    Great substitute for blotting sheets, and easy to carry in your purse. Another hack (if you don’t have blotting sheets or this on you) is to use toilet seat covers to blot. I myself am a little skeptical about using them, so I stick to my blotterazzi.

  18. Beauty blender:
    Always great to blend anything and everything; I use this right at the end too, after my blush, so my makeup looks flawless, natural and just so put together!

  19. A small eyeshadow palette with neutrals:
    A small eyeshadow palette such as Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit (Opulent Nudes), with neutrals and nudes is great for creating subtle daytime looks, as well as dramatic smokey night time looks; and it is small enough to fit in your makeup bag! Another alternative is the Mauve obsessions palette (I wrote a guide on this palette); the colors are versatile enough you can use some as a highlighter or as a blush too! You can get it here.

  20. Compact:
    This is good to have as you can use it both to set your base makeup, as well as carry it around for any touch-ups. My favorite is Mistine Selfie 45 Super Filter Powder SPF25.
    You can also get Mistine Red Carpet Professional Powder SPF25 which has both a foundation/concealer and a powder all in one, which is PERFECT for travel!

    (The top is the foundation with a sponge applicator, the bottom is the power! Pretty convenient.)
    The best part about both these products is they have SPF which is an amazing bonus! I’ll take all the SPF I can get.

  21. Eyeliner:
    I love the marker type, easy to apply; an example is the Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner.

  22. Cotton pads:
    Good to have around, especially for the removal of makeup with the makeup remover.

  23. Setting spray:
    A good setting spray is a luxury, but nice to have to set your makeup especially if you have to apply your makeup, then be out and about all day long! My favorite is MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ , especially the travel size; being so perfectly sized for travel!

  24. Concealer:
    Your favorite concealer, of course, is a must to bring along, I love the Maybelline “Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment” concealer because it is with its sponge tip applicator, it is easy to apply anywhere, and just one of my favorite concealers in general! No creases ever, and full coverage.

  25. BB cream:
    I don’t use foundation much, but I think for travel it is a lot easier to carry and apply a BB cream, as you can just squirt and rub it on like a moisturizer; make it easy to use while traveling. They also come in tubes, as opposed to heavy bottles which makes them easy to carry while traveling as well. I’m a fan of the E.L.F Studio BB Cream SPF20.

  26. Complete all in one Cheek and Contour palette:
    These are basically palettes that contain a Blush, bronzer, and highlight. As you can see Although I love Benefit’s “Get the Pretty Started” cheek pallette, Mistine’s Professional Complete Palette is just as amazing and a great affordable alternative. It is also much more compact in size.


  27. Bag to hold everything.


Some more tips:

  • Separate things into 2 little bags, keep one for eyes and lips, and one for the face.

  • Bring a bunch of sheet masks with you, they are easy to use and great for transit time when you’re on a plane or a train. Your skin will thank you.

  • Eye masks are another great thing to bring along for a quick skin pampering while in transit. Very refreshing!

  • Sleeping masks are great to quickly slap on at night, after makeup removal and cleansing, to give your skin some much needed TLC.


What are some of your must-haves to bring along while travelling, or tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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