One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!
Full coverage makeup in just rupees 3000

Full coverage makeup in just rupees 3000

Apr 30, 2019

You can get a full coverage make up in just 3000PKR Here are the makeup look details.

Primer/face oil: this is all you need to get rid of dry and scaly skin, it gives you a perfect subtle glowy look. 
BB Cream: @garnierpakistan BB cream oil free, miracle skin perfection all in one (Light)

Contour kit: by @glamorous_face_makeup 4 glorious face 
Blush: I used Lipstick shade 11 by @color_institute_makeup as my cheek tint. 
liner: @glamorous_face_makeup Eyeliner gel

Mascara: @maybelline lash sensational

Lipstick: I used mixed shade 11 and 14 by @color_institute_makeup 
Highlighter: lips cheeks and eyes 3 in 1 by @color_institute_makeup 
and to set my makeup I used Rose water. 

As you can see I am not obsessed with makeup and I don't do makeup tutorials but I had to update the details of this one to show you can do good make up with affordable products too.

I hope you like it. Share your make up routine and If you use lipstick to tint your cheeks please share your shade and brand name in the comments 


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