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Manen Tail
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Manen Tail Conditioner

Volume : 355 ml

Product Code : 071409543221

Prevents hair breakage - Prevents split ends - Nourishes & conditions hair - Increases hair elasticity - Eliminates itching & scaling - Protects from environmental irritants - Makes hair stronger - Delivers a lustrous look

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This exclusive Micro-Enriched Protein formula is natural moisture retention treatment for dry & damaged hair.

i. helps prevent hair breakage & split ends for a renewed & lustrous look
ii. nourishes & conditions hair & scalp
iii. delivers essential moisture to dry, damaged & neglected hair
iv. keeps hair tangle free, soft & manageable
v. it helps to achieve longer, stronger, fuller & healthier-looking hair
vi. strengthens & nourishes hair from root to tip for increased elasticity
vii. features a gentle rich fragrant lather that provides “down to the scalp” cleansing action without stripping natural oils
viii. helps eliminate itching & scaling caused by common external irritants
ix. protects against sun damage, wind & other environmental irritants

It is fortified with Micro-enriched natural Proteins & vitamins, moisturizers & Emollients.

It is safe & gentle for all hair types.

How To Use:
First of all, rinse your hair thoroughly.

1. Leave-In Application:
i. Apply Mane n’ Tail Conditioner to towel dried hair.
ii. Use just the desired amount to get the desired hair look.
iii. Re-apply as the condition of hair indicate.

2. Rinse Out Application:
i. Apply Mane n’ Tail Conditioner into scalp & hair.
ii. Let conditioner remain on hair for 1-2 minutes.
iii. Rinse out, dry & style hair.

The results may be seen after one application.
For best results, begin with deep moisturizing shampoo.
Quantity of product to use will vary with hair volume & length.

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