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You might not be familiar with Pororo but the kids around you sure are. There are many big fans of Pororo between the ages of 2-4 across the world and Asia in particular. Pororo is the main character of Pororo the Little Penguin. This is a highly popular Korean animated series that first aired in 2003 and is still going strong with its fourth season currently on air. Pororo is a sweet blue and white tiny penguin who lives in a village near Porong, Porong Forest where there’s always snow, fun and adventure to be found. There are several of Pororo’s friends introduced with time including Krong the crocodile, Poby the polar bear and Eddy the fox. Pororo the Little Penguin was an instant hit among toddlers who were delighted with the antics of the jolly little penguin. Pororo the Little Penguin has received many awards over the years including one in its launch year by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Three years later, the series got the President’s Aaward for its adorable cast of animated characters. In 2013, it was honored with the award for Creative Brands.

The series was not just about entertainment but also aimed to be educational to kids. It has been praised by parents and critics for being gender neutral using the colors blue, pink and white. Pororo the Little Penguin is adored by millions of children globally so the creators are careful about respecting cultural norms. It is a universally appealing animated series which children can enjoy and learn from in an entertaining manner. This lead to the formation of an entire product line dedicated to kids. The products were developed according to the learning theme of the animated series. They featured the lovable Pororo and his gang of loyal friends.

We present Pororo in Pakistan for the first time so you can teach essential lessons to your kids in a fun way. You won’t have to run after your kid anymore as the cool products will hold their attention long enough. Buy Pororo products online and teach your child about basic hygiene from an early age. Check our web page for Pororo products price in Pakistan. They offer cute toothbrushes, tooth pastes, body lotions, body washes, moisturizing creams and much more.

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