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Dark Circles & Puffiness


Dark circles and puffiness

Struggling with darkness around eyes? Wave them Good-Bye with!


What are dark circles and puffiness?

The black hue around the eyes giving a tired, frustrated look with the impression of the individual’s nature as restless are dark circles and they are often accompanied by swelling creating the eye bags. No one wants to wake up with the dark swollen eyes as they are a predominant part of the face, so they can make or break the look of a person.


What causes dark circles?

Dark circles are believed to be the result of tiredness and lack of sleep, but not only they are the culprits as genetics and skin tone also plays a negative role in the darkened area under the eyes. Hyperpigmentation and broken blood vessels are also the culprits, they can be treated with the use of dermatologically tested skincare products from No doubt, poor lifestyle and disturbed sleeping patterns are the cause behind the dark circles and puffiness but one should also focus on the diet and water intake. Eating habits cannot be ignored when it’s a matter of healthy looks because too much salt intake is the reason for water retention which causes eye bags and they appear swollen. Prolonged sickness and too much tension affect the eyes and it affects the facial beauty.


How to prevent dark circles and puffiness?

It’s a fact that people don’t protect their skin as it protects them and the environmental factors affect it negatively which becomes visible when the issue reaches the height of ignorance. Skin all over the body demands proper care, but the facial skin is the most sensitive and it is thin under the eyes due to which the darkness is prominent. Sunscreen is recommended to apply to avoid direct sun exposure as it disturbs the melanin and collagen as well. Treatment with the dark circle remover cream containing lightening agents is suggested if the dark circles are caused by the unbalanced melanin production. Keeping the skin hydrated is essential to prevent the puffiness for which moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are best to lock in the moisture for hours. Proper sleeping routine and balanced diet contribute to purge dark circles and puffiness.


Assistance by Aodour:

No doubt Aodour is here with the solution of all skin problems, it also offers free consultation with the dermatologist making it convenient to get the knowledge of your skin type, skin issue and treatment. So, book an appointment and order the skincare products fulfilling your requirement from the comfort of your home through!

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