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Scars & Uneven Skin


The Ordinary

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

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Scar and uneven skin

Worried to fade the scars away? Let make it uncomplicated for you!


What are scars and uneven skin?

Every scar tells that the skin is perfect with the ability of healing, but it’s a fact that they don’t look good and affect the appearance. A Scar is actually a fibrous tissue which takes the place of the normal skin after a wound is healed and it is stubborn, looks odious. Scar turns the skin uneven as it is not plain and it is also discolored with uneven skin tone. There is a natural process of healing with which the wound is repaired as the skin creates new collagen fibers for healing which appears as a scar. The texture of the repaired skin is not the same as the normal skin, it is uneven and it is raised in some cases.


Why skin turns uneven?

The biological process of skin heals the lesion, torn and scratched skin by covering it with the tissue and it’s the reason for uneven skin. The body contains protein that mends the wound and it turns into scar after it is properly healed. Just the treatment to make the scar vanish becomes a requisite for procuring the flawless skin. If the collagen is produced in more quantity then the scar is raised and if the muscle under the problematic area is lost then the sunken scar takes its place. There is another type of scar that is stretched and it happens when the skin is in tension with the lack of elasticity. The scars are never flat and the skin tone also doesn’t match the surrounding area. They sometimes impair the movement of the body part.


How to prevent scars and uneven skin?

Young ones and individuals with dark skin tone suffer from the scars issue more as compared to individuals possessing fair complexion. Keeping the wound moist helps in minimizing the healing tissue get uneven. Another great method of preventing the prominent scar is massaging the area with Vitamin E as it works magic on the skin and makes the scar appearance less visible. You can get the scar prevention products from Let the wound heal naturally and don’t interfere with the natural healing process, keep it away from the sun exposure and be patient as the healing takes time.


Why Aodour for assistance?

Shop scar skin products from as it doesn’t only provide the products at the doorstep offering the delivery service, but also offers free dermatologist consultation. So, you can discuss the skin concern in detail with our skin specialist to make the right product decision and minimize the scar appearance!


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