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Prestige Foam Ginseng D’Escargot

Prestige Foam Ginseng D’Escargot

Brand: IT's SKIN
Product Code: 8809454021546
Country: South Korea
  • Rs.1549

This cleanser effectively cleanses the skin with its utmost natural ingredients.

i. nourishes cells with moisture
ii. smooths skin from within maintaining its elasticity as well as antibacterial & wound-healing effect
iii. promotes skin lifting
iv. cleanses & promotes hydration with mild sedative effect
v. rejuvenates skin & evens out skin tone
vi. keeps the lipid barrier of the skin
vii. restores & improves skin

Its main ingredients include:
i. Snail Mucus Filtrate
a. protects cells from damage & premature aging
b. restores & improves skin
c. evens out skin tone
d. rejuvenates & tightens the skin

ii. Red Ginseng Extract
a. has a rejuvenating effect on the skin
b. moisturizes skin by normalizing the water-salt balance of the skin

The sub-ingredients include:
iii. Snail Slime Extract
iv. Ginseng Root
v. Pine Mushroom extract

It is suitable for all skin types.

Removes dead skin cells - Rejuvenates skin - Brightens skin - Clears skin - Nourishes cells - Lifts skin - Anti-bacterial

How To Use:
1. Take a small amount of cleanser.
2. Create a foam with small amount of water.
3. Apply obtained foam on wet skin; massaging in circular motions.
4. When finish, rinse with lukewarm water & in end with cold water.

All the products are for external use only.
Avoid eye & lip area while using these products.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not use on irritated skin.
Discontinue use if irritation &/or rash appear.

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