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Bombee Black Honey Mask

Bombee Black Honey Mask

Brand: Papa Recipe
Product Code: 8809378321104
Country: South Korea
  • Rs.229

This mask increases moisture in skin while nourishing & hydrating it by tightening pores & boosting skin elasticity.

It includes:

i. Honey:
Honey, being an anti-oxidant, has anti-bacterial properties that can speed up healing your skin from acne, rashes & cuts. It also prevents additional infections which means it helps repair & combat any damage caused by free radicals & also prevents skin from premature wrinkling. Honey is also a wonderful Humectant which means it attracts moisture too; keeping skin radiant.

ii. Propolis:
It is a natural antibiotic that is produced by honey bees. This ingredient is wonderful for imperfect skins that include blemished & marked ones too.

iii. Papaya:
Papaya contains an enzyme called "Peptin" which is a natural exfoliator that makes skin smooth, vibrant & healthy. Peptin also cures a variety of skin issues such as acne, dry skin & premature aging. Papaya also acts as an anti-oxidant as it has Vitamins "A", "C" & "E" along with "Carotenoids" that help reduce skin inflammation.

It is perfect for those with dry & sensitive skin.

Hydrates skin - Tightens pores - Boosts skin elasticity

How To Use:
1. First of all, cleanse & tone your face with your desired cleanser & toner.
2. Apply the mask to face for up to 20 minutes.
3. Remove the mask carefully.
4. Then, gently pat with fingertips, the remaining serum until fully absorbed by skin.

All the products are for external use only.
Avoid eye & lip area while using these products.

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