One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!


A healthy skincare routine increases elasticity. Healthy skincare routine means keeping skin clean and to provide it enough nourishment to last until the next skincare session. Every skin is unique and needs a special regime well suited to its type and requirements.

Kbeauty Skincare Tradition – Secrets Uncovered

Korean skincare rituals are gaining popularity day by day, their tradition of skincare and their skin-first philosophy suggests that the early you start taking care of your skin the better. The use of ingredients like Yuzu fruit and Birch juice makes the whole regime unique and the effects are evident in the young and youthful Korean skin. Same ingredients are used in the Korean products also known as Kbeauty, for us to benefit from.

Step 1:

Toner: Mango Seed

The double cleansing method focuses on cleaning the face and taking off makeup separately, so you have to make sure that first your makeup is gone completely and then the oil cleanser too is removed later on, to ensure that, using a foam cleanser is your best option, it gently washes off any residue left from makeup and cleansing oil leaving skin squeaky clean.

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Step 2:


The Face Shop

Real Nature Masks

A mask ensures that after the cleansing and skincare routine and after all that massaging your skin, the pores that are open are closed and while the mask works on closing pores and locking nutrients and moisture in your skin it also provides intense hydration to last a few days. You can use a mask 2 to 3 times a week, some masks are made for daily use too. Sheet masks on the other hand carry more benefits and the sheet sits on your face for good 20-30 minutes. Meant to be used before bed time!

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Step 3:

Serum: WHITE Seed

Most of us either don’t know what serum is or we intentionally skip this part, thinking that it may be unnecessary. In fact, serum is a crucial step in your skincare regime and it can’t be skipped. It has a consistency like a thick gel which penetrates deeply into the layers of skin and delivers a high concentration of active ingredients. It helps in treating breakouts, cures and prevents hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

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Step 4:

EMULSION: Mango Seed

Emulsion is applied on top of serum and is a lighter version of moisturizer. It is more on the watery side and provides an additional layer of moisture to the skin without making it feel heavy or greasy.

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Step 5:

The Therapy Secret-Made

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Eye creams are especially formulated to ensure that the area around eyes which is a very sensitive part of your face, takes in enough nutrients. Creams that are meant for the whole face fail to deliver such nutrients because they are formulated differently and the area around eyes ages faster. Put on a rich in nutrients eye-cream using ring finger and with very light pressure message the cream onto the skin.

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Step 6:


White Seed BlanClouding

White Moisture Cream

This step is very essential after the previous four steps. A moisturizer is the thickest in consistency compared to all the products used so far. What it does is, other than providing hydration throughout the day, it locks the moisture and nutrients from all the above products for longer lasting effect. Wear a moisturizer in day time and not before mask if you have oily or acne prone skin.

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