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Max Factor

Max Factor was born in Lodz, now a part of Russia on 5th August 1977. He introduced world with the concept of makeup in the year in 1920. Since then he started working on products that will bring same glamour and looks to normal women like the ones super stars have. In April 1928 he introduced lip Gloss to the makeup industry and introduced a whole range of makeup products. In the year 1991, Max Factor became a part of P&G (Procter & Gamble) and today Max Factor is one of the leading makeup brands.

Max Factor


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If you dig into the history of modern makeup, one name will keep popping up: Max Factor. The brand was named after its founder, who was originally from Russia, and is rightly known as the Father of Makeup. He launched the first complexion product, Grease Paint, in 1914 because he wanted to give stage actors a more natural appearance. He coined the Color Harmony concept basing makeup on the eye color and hair color of people in 1918. Two years later, Max Factor created the term “make-up”. Eight years after that, he came up with the idea of lip gloss then called lip pomade. He created a wide variety of makeup shades that would suit women of every complexion, hair color and eye color. Being an inventor, Max Factor developed the Beauty Calibrator which was an instrument designed to study a human’s facial structure and measurements. The production Technicolor films drove him to design “Pan-cake” makeup in 1935.

His son took forward his legacy and took his name on his death in 1938. The brand launched its “Tru-Color” bullet lipstick in 1940 and tested its kiss-proof ability on the Kissing Machine, another of Max Factor’s inventions. Seven years later, they introduced the first user-friendly stick foundation called the “Pan-Stik”. In 1953, Max Factor launched the “Crème Puff Makeup” which was a combination of cream and powder yet performed better than both. The world’s first concealer, “Erace”, was produced in 1954 by this brand in stick form. They brought bright shades into Hollywood with their Hi-Fi Fluid Makeup in 1955. They developed the first mascara wand in the world three years after that. In 1991, the brand was acquired by Procter and Gamble. Ten years after that, they revolutionized the makeup industry by launched the first long lasting liquid lipstick, “Lipfinity”. The amazing Pat McGrath became their Creative Design Director three years later leading to more future innovation.

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