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Pororo Marine Stem Cell Cream

Weight : 100 g

Product Code : 8809434844189

Replenishes skin - Hydrates skin thoroughly - Softens skin

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Korea's well-known children's international brand, 
Pororo's Marine Stem Cell Cream 100g is a child's replenishment product designated by Korean pharmacies. 
Six kinds of cereal ingredients: green beans, white rice, corn, soybeans, rice bran, black beans ingredients. 
No preservatives, no pigment, no talcum powder, no benzophenone, because of the six grain components, faster absorption, longer duration, 
Usually used to replenish water, use sunscreen after going out to play, after sun can be used to repair, add a layer of protective film to the skin 
Resists external stimuli, relieves dryness, tightness, tingling 
Especially for autumn and winter season, you need a bottle of cream suitable for your baby

How To Use:

1. Apply needed amount to skin whenever required.
2. Gently massage over skin to ensure complete coverage.
3. Avoid using hands for sometime after application for better absorption.

All the products are for external use only.
Avoid eye & lip area while using these products.

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