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BB & CC Creams


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BB Creams, CC Creams- Get Your Flawless Coverage On!

Flawless skin is everyone’s dream. Easy application and long-lasting results of CC creams and BB creams have achieved lots of popularity and attention from women. They have very light texture, even the skin tone; remove marks just in one go and act as the best moisturizers for the face. Apart from that, they are best to be used as foundations, balm for blemishes and concealers.

BB Creams are also known as Beauty Balms were originally manufactured as a perfect post-procedure cream used to hydrate, protect, camouflage, prime, and treat the skin.  Their “Five in one” formulas are specially designed to cater the needs of all skin types including sensitive skin.  They have the ability to smooth and moisturize the dehydrated skin, correct the skin tone, prime out the skin surface and protect your skin from the sun as most of the BB creams have Sun Protection Factor in them. BB creams are the best instant beautifiers as they set quickly on your face, which saves a lot of time and energy. They fulfill all skin care needs and as they are long lasting so you can have a very fresh look for all day long. They usually come in very nice packaging and are easy to carry.

CC creams or color correcting creams are slightly different from BB creams and if we say that CC creams are the big sisters of BB creams, then it will not be wrong. They have all the features that BB creams contains such as moisturizing, priming, protecting, and hydrating the skin. One salient feature that is they have higher SPF in them, which protects your skin from early aging; soften the fine lines, pores, and wrinkles.  They have long lasting coverage while moisturizing the skin thoroughly. They add instant glow and freshness to your skin and you can replace them with your daily.

A Variety Of BB Creams As Per Your Skin Needs:

The Various types of BB creams offer different benefits for different skin types.

BB Cream Foundation

BB cream foundation is best to give you an even skin tone for applying makeup. It sets on your skin easily without giving a cakey look and your skin feels very light.

BB Cream Light

BB cream light provides a sheer coverage, gives you a very natural look and its best for daily use.

BB Cream Medium

BB cream medium is perfect for slightly darker tones and it’s a perfect contoured as well.

Anti-Aging BB Creams

Anti-aging cream is something that we all need after reaching a certain age but now we not need to worry as there are BB creams available in a market that have anti-aging ingredients in them and gives you more fresh and tight skin. 

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