One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!     One stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs!

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Makeup Foundation- A Necessary Tool To Look Flawless!

Cosmetics play a vital role in the lives of women and if one says that beauty products are one of the weaknesses of women, it won’t be wrong. Our life is incomplete without cosmetics; no matter if you are a housewife or working woman we all have some collection of beauty products because our skin deserves the best treatment. Foundation makeup is a must have in order to get that perfect finish for your look. It covers all of your spots, marks and provides a very refined skin in order to put on the makeup because no one likes to look older but when the pollutants in our environment attack along with hazardous chemicals, it form wrinkles on our skin. To deal with that foundation plays a vital role as it forms a protective layer on your skin because they also contain SPF in them.


Though foundation makeup is very important but without proper contouring you cannot achieve your desired look. You can get the wide range of cosmetics and beauty products from



Shop Online Foundation Makeup From Aodour :


Aodour is a one-stop solution for all the women who are looking for top-notch brands, cosmetics with best prices. They have the vast variety of makeup and skincare beauty products. Your selection of foundation makeup totally depends on the look you want to carry its smooth, sheen or matte. They have a complete range for all of these makeup foundations. You must have a complete understanding of your skin type too in order to buy the beauty products that suits best to your skin. 


Aodour- Best Place To Buy Foundation Makeup In Pakistan From Top-Notch Brands :


Yes, that’s correct and here I tell you why? Apart from selling the cosmetics online, Aodour also has their outlet in Emporium Mall, Lahore in order to facilitate their customers. You can visit them physically; check the products by yourself to get the shades of your own choice.  There is a wide range of brands available including Maybelline, Etude House, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Revlon, Mac, Armani and much more!


But what if you are ordering online? You must have knowledge about the types of foundations and their finish. To keep you well informed in that regard we are here to help.



Liquid Foundation :


This type of foundation makeup has a silky texture that glides smoothly on your skin, minimize the pores and cover the imperfections. It is suitable for all skin types as it's available in vast range and is very good for everyday use whether you work or student.


Sheer Foundation :


This type of foundation makeup is transparent and does not have any particular color. They are best for getting healthy glow and smoothness. They manage the contrast between skin tone and discoloration very well.


Stick Foundation :


These types of foundation makeup have a very thick texture but the benefit of such foundations is, they usually have the concealer in them so you don’t have to apply concealer separately.


Matte Foundation :


This foundation makeup stays all day long on your face without making it look oily so we can say that this foundation makeup is best for oily skin. It makes your skin look more fresh and vibrant throughout the day.


Powder Foundation/Compact :


Powder Compacts are great for final touch ups if you have an oily skin then it’s a life savior in a true sense. Apply a thin layer of foundation and then use powder compact for a long-lasting effect. Before applying powder makes sure that, your foundation is even. You can apply another layer of powder on oily areas of your face.


Dewy type of powder is great if you want to have youthful look with glow and if you want to have a very fine textured look then go for matte one.


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